They say a picture paints a thousand words… watch us bring those pictures to life.

B3D custom 3D figurines will let you capture and hold that moment and that you, in your hands, forever.

Maybe you’re looking for a unique personalised gift for someone? You can’t get anymore unique than yourself!

Anyone, anytime, can B3D! Let us immortalise that special moment in your life with B3D custom 3D Figurines.

Empower3D introduces the world of 3D Photography & 3D Printing. With our state of the art 3D photo booth, we can capture up to 7 people at one time, in only one second!

We then generate a 3D file of you ready to print your custom 3D figurines in full colour!

Once we have taken your B3D scan, we 3D print a totally unique, custom made, full colour printed lifelike custom 3D figurines in sandstone of you and your loved ones.


We have standard sizes from 5 inches – 7 inches which are perfectly scaled to create that ‘miniature you’ to take pride of place in your home, or office.



3D Scanning


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