What is B3D?

B3D’s are perfectly formed, scaled down, lifelike 3D printed figurines created using Empower3D’s state of the art 3D printing system.

It takes 1 second scan for our 3D Photo booth to yield a 3D image of up to 7 people, using more than 90 high-definition cameras and projectors.
After scanning, your 3D file is sent to our team of digital artists who work on perfecting your likeness.
After the digital artistry process has finished your 3D image is sent to our state of the art 3D printing facility for the fabrication process to begin.

We wave our magic wand and out comes beautifully sculpted full colour 3D printed figurines made of sandstone.

Types of Sessions

We always tailor our 3D photo sessions to you and your needs, depending on the occasion.

We have several session types to choose from, including:

Single Sessions

Couple Sessions

Child Sessions

Family Sessions

Group Sessions

Cake Topper Sessions

Cosplay Sessions

Uniform Sessions

Five Simple steps to your own B3D

Step 1.

Strike a pose

Step 2.

One second to scan

Step 3.

Review your 3D scan

Step 4.

3D Printed & Dispatched

Step 5.

B3D amazed!

Come Prepared

3D scans work best with the following clothing:
Our 3D printed figurines look their best when you look your best. The more colours, patterns and textures worn to the photo session, the better!


We recommend not wearing the following clothing and accessories to your session:
• Highly reflective materials, patent leather, polished metal, sequins, etc.
• Glasses with subtle frames.
• Hats with thin brims, including baseball caps.
• Too much black.

Gift ideas


You can begin to capture different stages of your children’s lives. Imagine a world where your children can play with miniature versions of themselves! Start your collection today!

Family & Friends

Family & friends portraits can truly come to life with a B3D Photo. It will take pride of place anywhere
in your home or office and be around for many years to come! We can capture up to 7 people in a B3D. Is someone you love far away and missing you, or your family? Send them a B3D!


Capture a moment with that special someone. Celebrate anniversaries, romantic nights out and other special occasions spent together. It will take pride of place at your desk or bedside table.

Special Occasions

Commemorate special occasions such as capturing moments like a birthday, an engagement, a wedding, a pregnancy or parents with a newborn. B3D also makes a great wedding cake topper!

Sports Teams

How about caputuring yourself in your favourite football or sports team shirt? We love our teams as much as we love our families after all and if you have achieved something by winning a competition why not add a B3D to the trophy cabinet!


We love Cosplays and the amount of time cosplays spend creating something out of the ordinary. We promise to spend as much time making your cosplay B3D come to life and to look just as amazing as you do!


Many of us take great pride in our jobs and the uniforms we wear. If you’re proud of what you do and what your uniform means to you, then let us immortalise that pride in a B3D.

What to expect

Due to the current limitations of 3D printing technology, any item smaller than roughly one inch in diameter cannot be guaranteed to print. This includes fine or small pieces of jewellery, tassels, strings, etc.


For that reason as well, the details on your B3D will not be as crisp as your own details are in reality. The fine aspects of any given pattern, especially of something like a tattoo, may not be captured and reproduced accurately. If you get very close to a model, it is quite normal to be able to see its tiny printed layers (at forty thousandths of an inch each) and to feel the rough texture of the powder it is made of.

Finally, the precise hues of your clothing and skin may not look exactly as they do in reality… but they’ll come close! Have a look at some of our 3D printed figurines below. Click on the image to zoom in.

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